The Most Beautiful & Powerful Ad Blocker for Safari

Enjoy websites without distractions.

Blocking unwanted content is extremely fast and doesn't slow down Safari.
We don't have access to webpages and don't track the sites you visit.
1Blocker is a fully native app designed and optimized for the new Safari.
Start Using for Free
1Blocker is available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Vision Pro.
Supports Universal Purchase and Family Sharing.

Multiple Filters

You are in control and decide what to block.
  • Block Ads
    Remove banners and other types of obtrusive ads on sites.
  • Block Trackers
    Protect yourself against online tracking and data collectors.
  • Block Annoyances
    Block cookie notices, crypto-currency mining, mobile app banners and more.
  • Block Widgets
    Block social media widgets, share buttons and other social icons.
  • Block Comments
    Block comments where they aren't the primary focus.
  • Block Adult Sites
    Protect your kids by blocking adult sites.

Enhanced Tracking Protection

1Blocker can protect you against different types of online tracking across the Web.
Trackers are snippets of code that collect information about you across multiple sites and send it to other companies.
Third-party tracking cookies
Ad companies use third-party cookies to track you across multiple sites and better target you with ads. These cookies are set by a site other than the one you're currently on.
Scripts that compile information about your browser, operating system, screen resolution, and other settings into a unique profile of you that can be used to track you.
Get enhanced protection against tracking.
43K ads

1Blocker contains 43,000+ rules to block obtrusive ads
13K trackers

There are 13,000+ known trackers that we can block
2-5x faster

1Blocker makes sites open on average 2-5x faster
2 updates/week

Twice a week we update our built-in rules from the cloud

Designed for Safari

1Blocker perfectly integrates with Safari and supports all the new features.

1Blocker for Mac

1Blocker for iOS

1Blocker for visionOS

What People Are Saying
  • 1Blocker has been my Content Blocker of choice for the past couple of years. The new version increases the number of built-in rules and has an interesting roadmap. Insta-purchase for me.
    Federico Viticci
    Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MacStories
  • I like 1Blocker enough that I've stopped thinking about blockers.
    John Gruber
  • 1Blocker is a fast, secure, and robust tool for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that empowers users to put a stop to invasive online content. Whether you're a developer, an entrepreneur, or an entire website-building team, this multipurpose solution can be used to enhance privacy, speed up the browsing experience, and even boost productivity.
    Christine Preusler
    Contributing Editor at HostingAdvice
  • 1Blocker provides a powerful way to carve out your web-browsing experience in Safari 13 while still working within Apple's new constraints. 1Blocker's extension lists, simplicity, and effectiveness mean that it's a worthwhile purchase and I recommend it.
    Glenn Fleishman
    Senior Contributor at Macworld
Made by an Indie Developer
1Blocker is developed by an indie team. We work hard to make 1Blocker even better for you.

We think that privacy is not for sale. That's why we don't have an "Acceptable Ads" program. We stay independent, and the only way we make money is through direct sales of 1Blocker on the App Store to you.

Those who did pay for 1Blocker are ultimately the people who keep 1Blocker alive. Without your support, 1Blocker won't be able to exist.

Thank you all for using and supporting 1Blocker to grow!
Give 1Blocker a try and see whether it fits you.
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