Block ads, tracking scripts, anything.

1Blocker for Mac

The Fastest & Most Powerful
Safari Content Blocker

In multiple independent tests, enabling 1Blocker decreases page loading time and total downloaded data on average by over 50%.

1Blocker will save not only your battery life, but also your mobile data traffic.

Whitelist Safari Extension

1Blocker is highly configurable. It comes with 40 000 preinstalled blockers and lets you whitelist websites you love with a Safari extension.

You can also block various social widgets, share buttons, obtrusive EU cookie law notices, comments, adult sites, and more.

Create Your Own Blockers

Blocking specific websites, cookies, or hiding page elements has never been easier.

Either configure blockers on-the-go using simple built-in editor on iOS or create completely custom blocker packages using 1Blocker for Mac.

Try For Free

1Blocker is free with limits, available for both your iPhone and your iPad. You can unlock everything for just $4.99.

See for yourself whether it’s right for you.